Of Japans and Dooms.


I guess everyone who would have the slightest chance of finding themselves here is already aware of it, but nevertheless, I'm off to Japan for three months on January 12th. I'll be participating in the Japan Language and Studies Program (JLSP) held thrice a year by Nihon University. Not sure yet, but chances are that I'll be actively (*gasp!*) writing a journal/blog/whatever during that period. If I'll decide on that, the posts will be appearing here, so, yeah.

But that's not all! After, well, not so long time compared to most Doom community projects, Claustrophobia 1024 2 is done! And released! Yay! There's a separate page for it under the Doom projects page (link on the right ->), with a download link and screenshots from all 34 maps. Yeah, you heard it! 34 1024 maps! Whoooo!

...and I'm completely exhausted now that I've got it out. But at least I can finally prepare for leaving to Japan with nothing else on my mind. So, go play some Claus 2! Or if you don't have Doom, go buy Doom and then play some Claus 2!


Joddo: okay, one google result read "manageabuck.com" in the title, and I read it as "mangabukkake"

Maes: freudian :-p

Joddo: no shit

Happiness is...

...an otaku with yet an other new figure <3

Happy thoughts

Damnit. Haven't posted anything in ages. :(

Anyway! The last time I got a new figure was ages ago, like, some time in fall. Of course the reason is that there hadn't been any new releases that I'd "have to" get, and as a poor ass student I couldn't just get anything that's cool and instead I have to prioritize the stuff I buy.

So, the point I'm having, is that today I finally got a new fig that I had been hunting for quite a while. And while getting Ogiue out of her box, I felt so happy and warm inside that I have no idea when I felt so happy last time.

Getting new figures makes me happy. Damn I'm such an otaku.
(click moar for photos)

Lulz Japanese air mail

I has first press Chimimouryou a day before its official release in Japan.

Evolution of a meme



I'm going to break this front page silence...

...by posting a link to a Youtube video. Hah.

Gamepad theory

What is the next logical step to take one's growing gamepad fixation, after Doom, arcade emulators and Shadowgrounds? No, it isn't Melty, since we already found out quite a while ago that pads suck for fighting games. ...what could it possibly be?

But of course, Mountain of Faith.

I demand for my rights to whine.

Okay, now I'm pissed off. This spring semester at uni right now is being the busiest season so far, and I foresee it being the busiest season ever. That is because of a nasty combo of both language classes, one maths class and other classes with plenty of annoying, time consuming coursework. Well, chances are I could manage with that somehow, but then why do these people have to keep dropping all these little surprises that normally would feel closer to like a small satchel of C4 dropped behind a trashcan, but right now is closer to the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima.

And, yes, I'm talking about THIS.

The 24 minute surf - Kumikyoku Yoshitsune

Using Google Video because it's too long for youtube:


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