Claustrophobia 1024 2: The Mystery of too many maps

Claustrophobia 1024 2, subtitled 'The Mystery of too many maps', is a sequel to the community wad Claustrophobia 1024. Made up of 34 Boom maps where the player's movement is restricted inside a 1024 units wide area, Claus 2 contains maps by a quite a few different Doomers. Some of the maps were made from scratch for the project, but most of them were maps that had to be dropped from the original Claustrophobia 1024 due to too many maps submitted, and were further improved for Claus 2.


Map list

01: 'Poliganoy' by Stewboy
02: 'Corrosion' by shotgunmasacre2
03: 'Tekno1000' by Jodwin
04: '666 Feet Under' by Impboy
05: 'Enough Space?' by Lord_Z
06: 'Severed Survival' by Fisk & Daimon
07: 'Into Hell' by KingKill33
08: 'Minimal House' by Daimon
09: 'Handful of Dread' by Dreadopp
10: 'Metallic Echo' by Stewboy
11: 'A Minor Doomsday' by Daimon
12: 'Stagnant Depot' by KingKill33
13: 'The Blood Factory' by StupidBunny & Kyka
14: 'Twilight of the Demons' by alterworldruler
15: 'Spirited Away' by Jodwin
16: 'End of the Line' by KingKill33
17: 'Dismalady' by alterworldruler & TheMionicDonut
18: 'Graytech Industries' by Impboy
19: 'Complex4k' by KingKill33 & Kyka
20: 'Calypso Station' by Mik57
21: 'Darkness Abides' by Jodwin
22: 'Power Station' by KingKill33 & Dreadopp
23: 'The Dark Dawn' by alterworldruler
24: 'Oil Rig Zero' by Mik57
25: 'The Process' by KingKill33 & Kyka
26: 'Into the Skies' by Jodwin
27: 'Tower of Desolation' by Solarn
28: 'Obliteration' by Butts
29: 'Taggart Sails to the Orion' by Jodwin
30: '???' by gggmork
31: 'Somewhere That's Green' by TheMionicDonut
32:'Proceed With Caution' by Kyka
33: 'The Unknown Machine' by Jodwin & Kyka
34: 'Abstraction' by gggmork