Of Japans and Dooms.


I guess everyone who would have the slightest chance of finding themselves here is already aware of it, but nevertheless, I'm off to Japan for three months on January 12th. I'll be participating in the Japan Language and Studies Program (JLSP) held thrice a year by Nihon University. Not sure yet, but chances are that I'll be actively (*gasp!*) writing a journal/blog/whatever during that period. If I'll decide on that, the posts will be appearing here, so, yeah.

But that's not all! After, well, not so long time compared to most Doom community projects, Claustrophobia 1024 2 is done! And released! Yay! There's a separate page for it under the Doom projects page (link on the right ->), with a download link and screenshots from all 34 maps. Yeah, you heard it! 34 1024 maps! Whoooo!

...and I'm completely exhausted now that I've got it out. But at least I can finally prepare for leaving to Japan with nothing else on my mind. So, go play some Claus 2! Or if you don't have Doom, go buy Doom and then play some Claus 2!

You didn't post updates here :-(

You posted them all on FB. Traitor.