C#4rp Doom Launcher

C#4rp Doom Launcher (CDL) is a modern and easy and fast to use launcher/frontend for Doom games. Setting up CDL is very easy and quick and once set up, starting the game up is very fast and simple even with custom files.

CDL's features include:
-Automated configuration file keeping your settings
-Supports virtually all Doom games and source ports
-Searches automatically for wads, zips, dehs and lmps for faster loading
-Temporarily extracts zips for source ports that don't support using zip files directly
-Both an alphabetical list for different kinds of files and a list of files by directories
-You can choose in which order wads are loaded in
-You can delete wads, zips, dehs and lmps directly from the launcher

CDL requires .NET 2.0 or later to use.

Download latest C#4rp Doom Launcher


Setting CDL up is simple: When you first run the program it starts with a blank screen:

To set up source ports you use, click the "Add new" button in "Ports":

Write in the source port's name and click "Browse" to find the source port executable. Click "OK" to add the port to CDL. If you check "Supports ZIP?" CDL will use the -file argument for loading zips, otherwise the zips will be temporarily extracted and all wads, dehs and lmps inside the zip will be loaded normally.
Now under "Data files" click "Edit paths" to select folders where you have wads and other files saved.

Click "Add" to add a new folder to the list of directories. Check "Search subdirectories" for CDL to search also subdirectories from the selected directories.
Click "OK" to confirm the selected file directories.

After setting up CDL you can select the port to use on the top. All pwads, zips, dehs and lmps will be shown on their respective tabs on the bottom. You can check as many custom files to use as you want, and then click "Run" to play.

You can also use the tree view to load files. To use it, check the files you want to use with the checkboxes. The "Delete files"-feature doesn't work with the tree view.