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 Post subject: Maes vs iFairy
PostPosted: Sun May 23, 2010 12:13 am 
Wannabe LIDL employee
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Joined: Tue Nov 20, 2007 6:46 pm
While there is by now solid evidence that Macs are gay, certain people just don't get it, which is clearly dumb.

As if this wasn't bad enough, the gay Mac iFairy is now trying to infect Maes with its depravity and deviancy! But Maes, with his black manly fascist shotgun in hand, a macho, working class, crass bulge in his pants, manly scent and a confident smile that even Tom Cruise would envy, stands steadfast vs the merciless onslaught of gay. Sieg Heil!


"Get off my ass, you lewd gay iFairy! You'll never have it!", seems as if our hero is stating to the whole world.

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 Post subject: Re: Maes vs iFairy
PostPosted: Sun May 23, 2010 9:51 am 
Mori no Aki ~ Hisui <3
Mori no Aki ~ Hisui <3

Joined: Tue Nov 20, 2007 6:46 pm
Maes: wtf dude
me: I would have used the "manly bike repairing" photo but didn't have it handy :-p
Maes: "no fucking around bitch" ? :-)
me: yeah
Maes: draw some extra hearts near me to express my "love" for the Mac.
me: aww
Maes: Actually the only modern Mac I've seen (and the only one after 16 years) was in Athens at some austrian students' house
  Some macbook....it looked suspiciously close to an Ubuntu installation with a different color scheme
me: added some musky scent too
Maes: aww
  too gay? :-p
me: heh, GTalk shows the old thumbnail
the iMac even has a hole in it... ;-) a bit big, but a DIY guy like yourself sure won't have problems with it :-p
Maes: LMAO
  That IS the definitive proof Mac is gay
Maes: and not even active.... receptive

Maes: Well that's Apple for you
99% of the world used MP3 on disk-based devices but that didn't stop him from making the iPod ass-backwards and dependent on a fucking base camp
me: "Okay so here's this swanky little laptop-replacement for you, but too bad you can't do what we're selling it for with it!"
Maes: You can, but you will have to do it the iGay way
  Probably they'll only want "approved" apps to run on it
me: well sure, but that was a bit different as he also made the service selling ipod music
Maes: iWeb :-(
me: but he can't go and turn all flash apps into iGayApps :-p
Maes: A Mac-friendly subset of the Web :nyyh:
me: oh, it already exists: http://www.gay.com/
Maes: Well some apps like Facebook are almost 100% flash free...coincidence??
  Wtf? ;-o
me: iWeb ;-)
Maes: lol
  Hmmm better not waste my limited BW for fhat :-p
me: aww
"gay.com - experience, encounter, enjoy"
Maes: Probably they'll pimp some big names like facebook to have "iWeb" contect
No idea how they'll deal with youtube, unless they substitute the FLV player for their own plugin, which is the only Flash component on YT anyway.
  And yeah, miss on classics like Salad Fingers and BFM :-p
  Which is sad, because BFM is gay
and iFags would have liked him
me: " Gay Male, 20 years old, 5'11", 170lbs, Single
Location:Montreal (Montréal), Quebec
How Out I Am? Totally
Ethnicity: White/European
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Build: Average, Slim
Facial Hair: None
Tattoos: One
Piercings: Yes
Languages: English, French
Interests: Activism/Politics, Fashion/Design, Travel, Clubbing, Theater/Arts, Entertaining, Dining Out, Cooking
Alcohol: Social Drinker
Smoking: No
Drugs: Don't Use Drugs"
yup, a mac user no doubt
isn't youtube working on a html5 version?
Maes: no idea
  yeah typical Mac user :-p
  I bet he's vegetarian and only buys organic shit

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 Post subject: We love Macs. And Gays.
PostPosted: Fri Jun 25, 2010 2:39 pm 
Wannabe LIDL employee
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Joined: Tue Nov 20, 2007 6:46 pm
Maes: Just when I thought someone can't get any gayer than a Mac user

Joddo: aha

Maes: I realized that one could be a vegetarian, hippie, new-age, anti-gun, far-leftist pseudo intellectual, gay AND a mac user.

Joddo: yeah, it's pretty gay to be a gay mac user

Maes: QFT

Joddo: where as, I guess, it's pretty straight to be a gay MS user? :-p
I would have said "gay Linux user" instead, but then I remembered RMS, Tanenbaum and Torvalds :(

Maes: Yeah, those are not straight at all.
It's a fact of life: some things are inherentrly straight and others are inherently gay

Joddo: Amen, borther, amen.

Maes: You'd imagine that Mac users came to accept and embrace their uhm...diversity but no, they are still insecure about it.
If that weren't the case, then why do they throw a fit when it's pointed out that Mac is gay?
A rejection phase followed by a swift acceptance soon after, says I.

Joddo: aww

Maes: So let them use their sterilized GUI, single button mice, and iGay apps to their hearts' content.

Joddo: And pay more than a superior Windoze box would ever cost ;-)
Even if you BOUGHT Windoze

Maes: lol the #6 comment on this is priceless. QED.

Maes: Hmm...so if all mac users are gay, passive gay, who does the fudge packin' ?
Are older Macs less/more gay?

http://www.doomworld.com/vb/doom-genera ... der-win9x/

Joddo: "Are older Macs less/more gay?"
No, just different type. They're more like leather-wearing shotgun biker guys (think the gay bar from one of thepolice academy movies) while new macs are more androgynous "hip" gay

Maes: aww @ mac analysis, with which I concur
So essentially it's all about seniority :-p
like in the leatherman societies

Joddo: besides...
do old macs have obvious freudian holes? no. do new macs have obvious freudian holes? yes, thus they're the bottom ;-)

Maes: lmao
Yeah...it's weird how they moved from a high-end, executive luxury product (some publications even called them 100% business machines, moreso than PCs) to uhm.....the modern sense of executive luxury = metrosexual gay.

Maes: The horrific mausoleum of St.Povis :-p
http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread. ... post886509
Probably full with that Ogre race miniatures :-p

* The Way of Maes: the whole and only truth. Image RSS Feed
* I play Doomguy's Pimp ventures II at least twice a day :-)
* "It's better to be young, rich, handsome and healthy, than being old, poor, ugly and sick." -Mao Zedong

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